Hiking With Children: Part 1

If I had to choose one topic to ever blog about, the subject would be about getting children into the outdoors. Not just the backyards and parks (great start) but into the woods and mountains and deserts. An environment where they get wet, hot, cold and my favorite, muddy (not really). In fact, many researchersContinue reading “Hiking With Children: Part 1”

Pumpkin Patch Horror

“Hey look, a cornfield, lets go,” I exclaimed, while thinking in the back of my mind, this is exactly how every horror story starts. Regardless, we proceeded, telling myself hah, it won’t happen to us. First into the maze, despite the horrifying screams (children laughing) echoing down the false routes. Stepping over skeletons of previousContinue reading “Pumpkin Patch Horror”

Early Childhood Wisdom

Today, while driving to the farmers market, Orion, my four year old son said, “I want to stay in this world forever and ever.” I thought, then asked why? He said, “Because this world is too cool.” I honestly had to pull over and process the beauty of what he said. While we could leaveContinue reading “Early Childhood Wisdom”

Alien pond takeover

News flash per Orson Wells…crawdad pond has been re-populated. However, this time by Alien crawdads. They have established themselves and are claiming the pond as the “Secret Alien Water Planet,” per Astronaut Orion.Little do they realize, there is a new Astronaut on the team; Captain Cassiopeia, aka CC as she prefers. Armed with Frozen andContinue reading “Alien pond takeover”