Shopping with Toddlers

Time to address a reality in our busy lives. That nesessary trip of grocery shopping. Well, if any of you are in my situation then you know what is next, taking the kiddos. But let this not be a painful trip, rather see it as another opportunity to engage and teach. Before starting a shoppingContinue reading “Shopping with Toddlers”

Hiking With Children: Part 1

If I had to choose one topic to ever blog about, the subject would be about getting children into the outdoors. Not just the backyards and parks (great start) but into the woods and mountains and deserts. An environment where they get wet, hot, cold and my favorite, muddy (not really). In fact, many researchersContinue reading “Hiking With Children: Part 1”

Geology for Kids

Yesterday, Orion, Cassi and I worked on a copy of Scholastics “My Big World with Clifford.” Inside we dug deep into the parts of an apple; the skin, the flesh and down to the pips, not to be confused with peeps. Regardless, as we were talking about what animals would eat an apple that fellContinue reading “Geology for Kids”

Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Wandering into the kitchen with Cassi in one arm and a strawberry in the other, we started discussing breakfast. Oatmeal? Done it. Cereal, had for dinner last night. Pancakes, hmmmm kind of boring. Unless they are green eyed, whip cream eyebrows, and raspberry syrup smily faces. Oh, and those strawberries? Chopped up and mixed in.Continue reading “Breakfast Ideas for Kids”