Geology for Kids

Yesterday, Orion, Cassi and I worked on a copy of Scholastics “My Big World with Clifford.” Inside we dug deep into the parts of an apple; the skin, the flesh and down to the pips, not to be confused with peeps.


Regardless, as we were talking about what animals would eat an apple that fell to the ground like birds and worms, a learning opportunity began to form in my head. What a great moment to compare the layers of an apple to other areas of science.


First, we compared the apple to a human body starting with layers of the skin. The epidermis, the dermis, then the cutaneous fat layer…hmmm, maybe something else. How about a tree with the bark, sapwood, hardwood and a pith? Still no pips though. With time running out due to my daughter eating apples faster than I can slice the world hit me, not literally, but a picture of the earth did. Behold, we compared the layers to those of our earth. Although no pips, but a close enough representation and a great learning opportunity for all.


Until next time my fellow pips and peeps, make learning fun. I guarantee there is a teaching opportunity in everything we eat and everywhere we place our feet.


Published by John Schmitz

Happily married to an absolute dream come true woman, Ami. Who has blessed me with two absolute dream come true children, Orion and Cassi. Now my goal everyday is to do life with my children. Whether I go shopping or in the kitchen cooking, my children will be right there with me. Talking through my actions, involving them in decision making and understanding options available. Pitching tents, trails to hike and adventures to come, they will be my side.

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