Missing Socks?

Hi, my name is John Schmitz and I support the following message. Daddy’s, Mom’s and sock wearers of the world, have you ever thought, where did that sock go? Whether it’s your sock or a two year old’s sock, how much time has been spent looking high and low for that one sock. Stop worrying, today I am offering a special deal. WHAT ???? A never lose a sock again special you asked? I am offering for a limited time a sockcro. Simply attach part A to sock #1 and part B to sock #2. Before putting the socks in the laundry bag, simply attach A and B together and say goodbye to missing socks. Order now while supplies last. Before I tell you how much, let me ask you how much time you waste looking for socks? How much value is on that pair of socks? Five dollars, ten dollars, how about $14.99? And if you order now, you will get not two sets but four sets of the sockcro.

This product has not been validated by the Federal Trades Commission nor is anyway connected to velcro.

Published by John Schmitz

Happily married to an absolute dream come true woman, Ami. Who has blessed me with two absolute dream come true children, Orion and Cassi. Now my goal everyday is to do life with my children. Whether I go shopping or in the kitchen cooking, my children will be right there with me. Talking through my actions, involving them in decision making and understanding options available. Pitching tents, trails to hike and adventures to come, they will be my side.

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