What to do ???

I remember my first day of being a stay home daddy last year. Mommy was headed off to work, leaving me home alone with our son who just turned one. My only plan for the drooling crawling herbivore, was walking up and down the stairs holding his hands. Looking at the clock and seeing that 12 minutes had passed I realized drastic measures were in order. Listen daddies, you know what I found out? It really is easy. My biggest learning lesson I bestow upon daddies is to just do life. Seriously! That easy. Whatever you are doing include them. Are you cooking dinner? Bring them into the kitchen and explain every step, ingredient, temperature and times. Going to the park? Talk about leaves, trees and ants. Even at the grocery store, I can spend up to thirty minutes getting three items. That is because I will go up every aisle explaining to my son the difference between whole grains and generic brands. Does he understand? Of course not, just like he doesn’t understand photosynthesis and sifting flour. But, the sound of your voice daddies, let them hear you. Even driving down the road tell them what you see. Hype it up with pterodactyls, snakes, quack quacks and why the car is stopping. Much much more to follow.

P.S. Why yes, that is a very sharp knife set behind my son. Please don’t worry, I have taught him to cut away from the body.

Published by John Schmitz

Happily married to an absolute dream come true woman, Ami. Who has blessed me with two absolute dream come true children, Orion and Cassi. Now my goal everyday is to do life with my children. Whether I go shopping or in the kitchen cooking, my children will be right there with me. Talking through my actions, involving them in decision making and understanding options available. Pitching tents, trails to hike and adventures to come, they will be my side.

One thought on “What to do ???

  1. I’m very pleased to read your blogs, I can see your amazing fathering skills, hopefully other fathers will take heed and do the same as you, become involved in raising their son or daughter. You reap what you sow, what you put in will come back two fold etc, etc & etc. Right on son, you make you mom beam!!!


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