Defining coolness

Once upon a time I truly beleived coolness was defined by how much beer I could drink in a night, bar hopping and tequila shots. Always to wake up with limited memories from the previous night. Boasting of climbed mountains and medals earned in the military, I have a new understanding of coolness. Now as a daddy of two, coolness has been redefined. I walk around with a pink diaper bag slinged on my shoulder, a burp cloth in my back pocket and burping stains on my Prana shirt. I am able to sling a poopy diaper faster than a bullet, while standing in an airplane bathroom. I am a daddy, I am a proud daddy. To all you daddy’s who are manning up, I salute you.

A special shout out to a close friend of mine whom I call brother and a cool daddy, Jamin Frommel. This picture defines a true superman in America.


Published by John Schmitz

Happily married to an absolute dream come true woman, Ami. Who has blessed me with two absolute dream come true children, Orion and Cassi. Now my goal everyday is to do life with my children. Whether I go shopping or in the kitchen cooking, my children will be right there with me. Talking through my actions, involving them in decision making and understanding options available. Pitching tents, trails to hike and adventures to come, they will be my side.

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