Hiking With Children: Part 3

Can you believe December is already upon us? Seriously, just a few weeks ago I was organizing my children’s candy collection post trick or treat. Now with a belly full of turkey, gravy, and potatoes, I am wondering if my family could live without Christmas lights this year. Maybe it’s a good time to load…

Activism for Change

Throughout history, significant moments have been defined by an individuals ability to make a stand fueled by both bravery and the need for change. The very second that person rises above others and say, “no more” they have consciously decided something needs to be done. And so my segue for activism; a desire to make…

Man Cave

At some point in our manly man lives we have heard of or partaken in the creation of a man cave. A place for men to go to do man stuff. According to Wikipidea, a mancave is a retreat in a home for male family members to do as they please without upsetting their wives.…

Hiking With Children: Part 2

If you are thinking about getting your children into the great outdoors or out on a hike and not sure where to begin logistically, then you came to the right place. Whether you yourself are a beginner or it’s time to dust off your own packs that went into storage since you became a parent,…


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About Me

My name is John, a full-time stay home dad now going on four years. If you can imagine, five years before becoming a dad, I was an Operations Chief in the United States Navy. Retired after twenty years of active-duty to toating diaper bags and slinging dirty diapers. To be honest, I thought I could handle anything until I found out I was going to be a daddy. Then and there I realized nothing prepares you for parenting. So now it is my sincere hope to share my ideas with you and find ways to connect with the beauty of a childs mind.

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